It has been a very good year.

From wandering the moody shorelines of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, to cruising Norway’s fjords, touring Berlin and Prague, and exploring Australia and the South Pacific, I can say that I have covered more kilometres this year than ever before. Here are my favourite images from this year.

These first two were featured in my post, A Foggy Sunday Morning in Vancouver. I think they capture what I love so much about Stanley Park in winter.



Stanley Park trailIn May I traveled to Norway, and from there through much of Europe. From On Parade With The Buekorps of Bergen: buekorps boy marching



From Goats and Glaciers: Gorgeous Geiranger Fjord


Goat baby.

From Oslo, Sunday Morning: (unpublished)

Untitled 2

From Paris and the Ethics of Street Photography 

Woman against blue wall woman against graffiti

girl eating

From Bastille Day in Bordeaux (one of my favourite images of the year)


And from Losing My Travel Mojo In London:

town crier, london

From Dublin: Unpretentious and Magical: 


From Prague: Still Hip, Still Beautiful


Now, onward to the South Pacific where I remain: Portraits of Papeete

28sept2014-127 28sept2014-125

Sydney, Australia:


From Fiji: The Indian Connection

fisherman, Lautoka

Australian darter (unpublished):


From Three Beautiful Boobies:

red footed booby

And lastly, from Vila, Vanuatu (unpublished so far): perhaps my favourite of all:


All the best in the new year, everyone.


  1. How wonderfully talented you are.

  2. Damn, Don. You’re getting good!

  3. Patricia Thomson

    Thanks for sharing, Don… Warms the heart, right behind the eyes. I love the colours in the face of the child in Vanuatu, and can taste and feel that mango drizzling on the chin…. So glad for you that you chose this chapter to explore and record .. and share. Patricia

  4. Lorraine Jones

    Hi Don, remember me? Your sister’s friend “Jones” … stunning photographs. You are talented indeed.
    Cheers and all the best for your future endeavors!

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