Cairns: Strange Birds in a Strange Land

Continents are like people, I suppose. Leave them alone for long enough and they start to go a little crazy. Witness Australia: this remarkable land, once part of a vast supercontinent called Gondwana, has been left to drift on its own for millions of years… and what a strange diversity of life has arisen on this raft! From a single opossum-like ancestor has evolved everything […]

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Thank you for keeping your cat indoors!

If every cat in North America caught only one bird per year, that would be over seventy million dead birds. Today, a salute to the winsome dark-eyed junco, and with it a plea to please keep your cats indoors. Cornell University reports that this tame little sparrow is the number one victim of backyard cats, with more juncos taken than any other species, including the utterly expendable […]

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