A Night In The Rainforest

Last night, I slept in a treehouse in the middle of the rainforest. It was pretty incredible. We were docked in Cairns, Australia and we had a rare night on shore. Having already explored the city and its environs a bit, we decided to head further afield. We rented a car and booked a place that looked intriguing on AirBnB.com. On the website, it looked […]

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Cairns: Strange Birds in a Strange Land

Continents are like people, I suppose. Leave them alone for long enough and they start to go a little crazy. Witness Australia: this remarkable land, once part of a vast supercontinent called Gondwana, has been left to drift on its own for millions of years… and what a strange diversity of life has arisen on this raft! From a single opossum-like ancestor has evolved everything […]

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tree ferns at Fernglade

On the Trail of the Platypus: Burnie, Tasmania

Beautiful Burnie, Tasmania was an absolute smorgasbord of wildlife, and one that we weren’t really counting on. We had pulled into this small city without having made any plans, except for exploring. We walked along the shoreline enjoying the cool breezes for a while, then did what we always do when needing inspiration: found a coffee shop. We’ve been using a very handy app called Bean […]

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Sand goanna

Kissed by the Goanna Gods

A visit to Airlie Beach, Australia. I didn’t have high hopes for a visit to Airlie Beach, Australia. I wasn’t expecting to hate it; by all reports, this town on the Queensland coast was a beautiful spot. But most of the guidebooks describe it as a party town, a “drinking village with a sailing problem.” Alas, I feel I’m getting too old for that sort […]

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Into the Mallee: South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula

Starting From Scratch In a Wondrous New Land Long ago, when I used to write educational theatre programs, we often placed a stock character in our plays that we called the wide-eyed learner. This was a naive newcomer who acted as foil to the more experienced types in the show: a wise local bird, say, would teach the newby—and the audience by proxy—all about the […]

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rainbow lorikeet

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden

We went for the trees, we stayed for the birds. Arriving in Sydney, Australia by cruise ship is unforgettable. The journey takes you between the rugged cliffs of the outer harbour (“The Heads”) and into beautiful Sydney Harbour where you sidle up alongside the exquisite Sydney Opera House, to dock right at the Circular Quays in the heart of the city. (Rival city Melbourne can’t […]

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