Interpretive Signs Course

In the last couple of months I developed and delivered a short professional development opportunity called Interpretive Signs: Attractive, Brief, Clear.

We set it up as a two-hour webinar with a 10,000-word resource package in PDF form. The client group were 40 professionals from a variety of organizations in Atlantic Canada who write signs as part of their relationship with the Canadian Wildlife Service. Here’s what they signed up for:

“An online introduction to planning, writing, and evaluating signage for your conservation programs. This is a practical introduction to the basics of creating signs: visual experiences for your audience that are attractive, brief, clear—and effective. A good sign is one that gratifies the audience and meets your goals. We will investigate creative ways to achieve both ends, from planning through execution.

Workshop includes:

  • Types of wayside signs, and how an interpretive approach enhances them all
  • The planning process: understanding your goals, your audiences, and your logistical environment
  • Interpretive writing: how to say the right words, in the right way, within an extremely concise medium
  • Using images, illustrations, and infographics, and how to work effectively with graphic designers
  • Testing and prototyping interpretive signs”.

It went pretty well. I asked them,

“What would you say to somebody thinking about taking this course?”

“Well worth it and pleasant to watch and participate in.”

“Follow it, it’s worth the time 100%”

“You’ll be surprised by how many bad signs are out there.”

“TAKE IT! He has a wealth of information that is helpful :)”

“So worth it!”

“Take it! Worth the time.”

“Take it! Don is engaging, interesting, realistic and funny.”

“I would recommend it as a practical help.”

“Do it! Especially if you can do a draft plan for your sign project before hand — this seminar will absolutely help you improve your project. You will probably leave the seminar with a completely different, and much improved, plan for your sign placement and designs.”

“I’d recommend it!”

“DO IT!”

“I would highly recommend this webinar to every organization. No matter whom you are, you’re bound to create even the simplest of signage and it is so helpful to keep in mind all the factors that could make that one sign effective.”

“Do it.”


  1. HI Don. Hope you are well! When are you thinking you will offer this Interpretive Sign Writing course again?

  2. Hi Don,

    I am interested as well to know if you will offer this course again and when?

    Thank you!

  3. Ashley Moffat

    Hi Don! Let us know if you offer this again 🙂

  4. If we did two two-hour workshops along with online resources would you prefer weekdays or say two Saturday mornings?

  5. Denise Berkshire

    Please add me to the list of interested folks.

  6. Katie Bakken

    I am also interested in this course, and am looking forward to finding out when it will be available and what the cost will be. We are in the beginning stages of planning an interpretive trail about beavers in Fish Creek Provincial Park!

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