Calgary Zoo Bugtopia!

I teamed up with Reich and Petch, Holman Exhibits, and the Calgary Zoo to help put together a fantastic new creative play space at the Calgary Zoo entitled Bugtopia! The idea was to get children playing in a natural space (the river valley that provides the setting for the Zoo), and get them up close to insects, spiders, mushrooms, and other things that city kids might otherwise consider creepy.

It was a ton of fun. I proposed two levels of text: a few adult-level panels to help parents orient their kids to the space, and a whole bunch of whimsical verse that pops up here and there, directed at younger kids, to get them thinking and smiling about bugs.

100% would do again.

Photo: Izone
Photo: Izone
Photo: Calgary Zoo
Photo: Calgary Zoo

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  1. David White ((age 77)

    Don – lots to appreciate ! Bugtopia, Atotolin Lake do you live in Vancouver? We stayed there for a while doing a hone exchange and got to know Bill Reid and Haida art at his gallery and at BS Museum of Anthropology.
    Keep up the good work. I continue to investigate Vikings in Limerick and Isle of Lewis where my great grandfather Alexander MacLean was from. Awaiting a book on Lewis Chessmen made by Norwegians in 15 or 16. Hundreds. Where do those irish blue eyes come from ? I will send you an article about Irish Viking heritage. David White

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