A Safer Space

As part of our work with the Pacific Science Enterprise Centre, we (Double Dare Design) were asked to write and design a Positive Space graphic. This is part of a nationwide initiative, originally conceived in Ontario to welcome LGBTQ+ newcomers, that has expanded throughout the federal public service.

Federal departments that sign onto the program identify Positive Space Ambassadors from within their ranks. We worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Positive Space ambassadors to create the door treatment you see here, located at their West Vancouver facility.

It was a fun part of a greater science communication project, and particularly meaningful to me. If these welcoming symbols had been in use way back in the day when I was young in my career, I honestly think I would have felt safer and less constricted in my career options. Kudos to all agencies to make a gesture like this.

front door with positive space graphic treatment
design document for positive space graphic
Diversity of ocean creatures, right?

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