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Hello, friends.

I hope this finds you happy, healthy and productive. I wanted to let you know about a couple of speaking engagements you might want to take in; one is local (Vancouver) and the other a webinar. I'm looking forward to both. As a self-employed interpreter working on a small island, sometimes I miss the opportunity to sit in a room and talk to people about the things we love. I hope you can join in.

New Trends in Interpretation

New Trends in Interpretation
I will be guest-speaking on Thursday, April 19th for the Lower Mainland Museum Educators. I'm looking forward to some lively discussion with this group. If you're in the Vancouver area, you should really think about getting involved with them.

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The Care and Feeding of Exhibit Designers (Webinar)

As part of the National Association for Interpretation's Best of Spokane webinar series, I will be reprising the presentation I gave at their National Conference in Spokane. I am passionate about this subject: how do we work constructively with designers without conflict? How do we learn to speak each other's language, and treat each other's disciplines with respect? I hope …

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New Articles

The Dying Art of Interpretive Evaluation

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Anyone who has worked in interpretation for a while will tell you that evaluations are expensive—they take time and cash and a lot of expertise. Half the battle in any evaluation is just asking the right questions, and it's amazing how hard that really is. But there are a couple of kinds of evaluation that are dead easy, cheap, and …

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Who is the audience for your interpretive plan?

southern sky
A lifetime ago when I studied playwriting, there was a concept that has stuck with me ever since: "point of departure." In a story, there is a journey along a dramatic arc that is launched when the protagonist is faced with some kind of challenge, after which their life will never be the same. The point of departure is the …

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Interpretive Writing and the Art of Getting Things Done

I am a guest writer this month on Interpretation Canada's new blog. In this post, I write about how to set yourself up for success with an interpretive writing assignment. Read on, gentler reader.
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