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Hello friends-
I hope spring is treating you well. Here on Mayne Island, the weather is cool and the rain unusually abundant. My garden is about three weeks behind, but I don't mind—I love the cool coastal weather and honestly, if it never got above 15C (59F) I wouldn't shed a tear.
(And if you're wondering if I have a life outside interpretation, the answer is yes—my Instagram feed focusses on my gardening obsession.)
Work has been steady, and the contracts have been fascinating. I seem to be getting deeper into stakeholder engagement with each new planning contract, and I think it's a good trend (though time consuming, to be sure.) And with each new assignment I seem to be refining my data analysis skills—no small feat for someone with a fine arts background.
If you have a minute, let me know how things are going in your world.
Take care


Stakeholder is not a dirty word.

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As an interpretive planner, part of my job is helping parks, heritage sites, zoos, and aquariums identify the people around them whose lives or work will be affected by what they're doing. So, early on in the interpretive planning process, I ask if we can sit down and identify their stakeholders. And more and more, I get the same reaction: …

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The Membership Conundrum

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Memberships aren’t what they used to be.

Is your organization struggling with its membership program? Are you having a tough time keeping your membership numbers up? You’re not alone. Membership has always been a cornerstone of the nonprofit model: any society or association is by definition a group of like-minded people working together. And while some organizations keep their membership …

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Mining Online Reviews

Mining Online Reviews for Fun and Profit

What are people saying about your site?

As an interpretive planner and visitor experience advisor, I’m a big believer in evidence-based decision making. When I start a new project, the first thing I ask for is data: visitor surveys, gate revenue statistics, comment cards… anything I can get my hands on. Recently I started an exhibit planning project where my client knows next to nothing about their …

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Recent Projects

S.S. Klondike VE Strategy

I worked with Parks Canada and the staff of S.S. Klondike National Historic Site to develop a complete visitor experience strategy for the prominent Whitehorse landmark.
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S.S. Klondike VE Strategy

Piping Plover Sign Redesign

I was commissioned by the Canadian Wildlife Service to help redesign a pair of behavioural signs to educate visitors to Piping Plover nesting habitat.

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Piping plover

Invasive Species Mobile Exhibit

I worked with some old Aquarium colleagues at the BC Invasives Species Council on a roving interpretive exhibit that will take the messages of how to avoid introducing invasive species all around the province of British Columbia.

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