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Interpretive Signs Course with Don Enright - February 2022

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Hi, friends. I'm pleased to announce that I will be offering my interpretive signs course in a slightly expanded format in February of 2022.

The workshop includes:
  • Types of signs, and how an interpretive approach enhances them all
  • The planning process: understanding your goals, your audiences, and your logistical environment
  • Interpretive writing: how to say the right words, in the right way, within an extremely concise medium
  • Using images, illustrations, and infographics, and how to work effectively with graphic designers
  • Testing and prototyping interpretive signs.
  • Two interactive webinars
  • Two Q and A sessions via Zoom
  • All online materials in an interactive learning management system, available for six months after the course
  • Online forum-style discussion space exclusive to learners in this course
  • Individual feedback from Don Enright on your sign project in progress
Course dates are the first four Tuesdays in February at 10 am Pacific.

Do you need to submit a request to your manager to take this course? Download an informational one-sheet in PDF form here.

Feedback from last year's course:

What would you say to someone thinking about taking this course?
  • “Take it! Don is engaging, interesting, realistic and funny. “
  • “Do it! Especially if you can do a draft plan for your sign project before hand — this seminar will absolutely help you improve your project. You will probably leave the seminar with a completely different, and much improved, plan for your sign placement and designs”
  • “I would highly recommend this webinar to every organization. No matter who you are, you’re bound to create even the simplest of signage and it is so helpful to keep in mind all the factors that could make that one sign effective.”
  • “You will learn so much and your work will improve a lot!”
  • “Just do it! You will learn a lot of principles that apply not just to signs, but for other products. And, if you’re not familiar with thematic interpretation, you will get a healthy introductory dose of it.”
  • “Take it – it’s worth every cent and you’ll have fun.”
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