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Hello friends-
I hope things are well at your end. Work here has been busy and challenging—in a good way. I feel like I could work from sunrise to sundown and still not get ahead—but I'm not doing that. I am starting every day by cross-pollinating roses, which brings me immense joy. I'm trying to cross cold-hardy Canadian varieties with fancy tender varieties, and create offspring that are disease resistant in a completely no-spray environment. If I disappear into retirement in the next few years, it's not because I don't love interpretation—it's because frankly I love gardening more. I know that some of you understand.
If you have a minute, let me know how things are going in your world.
Take care
my wee house in the trees


What is your theory of change?

What is your theory of change?
A theory of change is a roadmap to the future that you want to see. It is plausible, feasible, and testable. It's job is to stand between you and magical thinking.

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Why is your e-newsletter so boring?

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As a visitor experience advisor, I'm a fairly big fan of using email to build relationships with your members and prospective visitors. And I'm not alone; generally, direct email is known to bring a higher return on investment than social media, and we manage to spend hours and hours every week trying to come up with zippy, original things to …

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Bang for the Interpretive Buck

man paddling a half barrel
What happens when you have more ideas than you can handle? I just completed a really productive ideation (brainstorming) session with a client. It's for a new major exhibit we're planning. It was a ton of fun—we opened the workshop with a presentation of all the different kinds of interpretive media that could possibly go into a centre, just to …

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It's time to give the objects back.

It's time to give the objects back.
Virtually all arguments against repatriating Indigenous objects are rooted in white supremacy. Hey reader, did you ever have your bike stolen? I have more than once, and while I have never been successful in getting my bike back (thousands of them are stolen weekly in most cities, apparently), I'd like to take you through a thought experiment. Are you ready? …

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Recent Projects

A Safer Space

door with positive space graphic treatment
As part of our work with the Pacific Science Enterprise Centre, we (Double Dare Design) were asked to write and design a Positive Space graphic. This is part of a nationwide initiative, originally conceived in Ontario to welcome LGBTQ+ newcomers, that has expanded throughout the federal public service. Federal departments that sign onto the program identify Positive Space Ambassadors from …

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