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Hello friends,
I normally email once a month; I am playing a bit of catchup here as I have been remiss while overloaded with projects. I hope you enjoy these posts, which reflect some of the work I've been doing in putting together my Interpretive Master Planning course.
Take care.

Evaluating Your Products

Evaluating Your Products
When it comes to measuring your success, you can take a numbers-based or a more subjective approach. We're going to look at doing both, starting with the quantitative. I have written a bit over the last while about program evaluation.

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Recent Projects

Here's what's been keeping me busy this last while. Let me know if anything here sparks your imagination for a future collaboration.

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Branding Your Attraction: It Ain't About The Logo

Slug crawling down wildlife sign
There’s no such thing as not having a brand. You have one, even as you read this. Branding is a vague and distasteful term. Particularly in the ecotourism and heritage sectors: nobody really wants to think of your cherished resource as a brand. So I'd like to establish what I mean by branding from the start: it isn't your logo; …

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