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Hello, friends
I hope you are well and that the autumn season finds you abuzz with rewarding and meaningful challenges.
I have been working a lot in two areas this last while: interpretive writing and site evaluation. The deeper I get into my work, the more I realize that good visitor experience involves using our talents to connect people to place in the simplest ways. My writing this month is my attempt to express what that can look like.
If you have a moment please feel free to reply and let me know what you're up to these days.

Interpretation, Good Writing, and Sensory Experience

Interpretation, Good Writing, and Sensory Experience
Once upon a time, if you wanted to learn about a historic site or park, you had two choices. You needed to visit it, or you had to go to a library and get a book about it. If you were lucky, and if the site were famous enough, you might see a documentary …

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Level Up Your Guided Walks

retro park ranger
Those who fail to learn from the 1970s are doomed to repeat them, and I’m old enough to tell you it won’t be as much fun as pop culture would have you believe (ABBA soundtracks notwithstanding). I was recently transported back to that era against my will, in the form of an interpretive walk. It was a classic stand-and-deliver, interpreter-as-teacher …

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Interpreters in the Experience Economy

Hikers on a mountain top
Every great travel experience has three parts: the anticipation, the realization, and the recollection. Those of us who deliver interpretive programs—guided walks, talks, workshops, dialogues, and the like—have long placed ourselves squarely in the second of those three phases: the delivery/realization of the visit. With the shift in recent years to new communications tools, it’s time for interpreters to take …

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Recent Projects

Here's what's been keeping me off the streets this last while. Let me know if anything here sparks your imagination for a future collaboration.

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