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A swing and a miss: NAI's new definition of interpretation

person walking away from tree in silhouette
If I didn't already know what interpreters do, this definition wouldn't tell me.

The National Association for Interpretation has released their newly-updated definition of interpretation. It's a project they've been working on for three years; I'm going to take a moment to try to describe to you why I think it's a bit of a, well, a bit of a …

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Interpretive Storytelling and the Problem of Appropriation

Shuttered church, Battleford SK
"Can I tell this story?" As an interpretive planner and writer, I find I'm hearing this question more and more often: how do we Settlers know when a story is appropriate for us to tell? How do we know if we have the right to tell it? When is interpretive storytelling a form of cultural appropriation? It's a good question, …

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Interpretive Signs: Don't Neglect the Base

3d interpretive sign
If you're not investing in the 3D elements of your interpretive sign, you're missing a powerful opportunity to connect people to your message.

About ten years ago when I started producing interpretive signs, I gave zero thought to the sign’s housing, its 3D …

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