2016 Interpretive Programs Announced!


Some time ago, I was asked to submit a selection of programs for the upcoming season. Here are the ones I didn’t submit.

Bugs, Bogs and Browbeating

Our wetlands are in trouble, and it’s all your fault! Naturalist Tabitha Smugge plays a wacky “Judge” who enumerates all the ways that you’ve ruined our watershed for generations to come.

Rodentia: The Musical

Little Douglas Squirrel has lost his mommy, his food cache, and his ability to rhyme a single lyric! Can you help him find his way home?

Fairy Rings and Pussy Toes: A Guided Walk

Naturalist Skye Crimson-Tiffle brings the boreal forest to life in story and verse. Participants will recite poetry against their will. Dress for changeable weather and forced metaphors.

My Prairie, My Home

Local historian Clay Woodhouse discusses the harsh reality of life on the early prairie, using awkwardly personal stories and images from his own childhood.  Bring a coffee cup and a father issue.

Solstice Squint-n-Mumble

A special event! Our local astronomy club, the Inverness Introverts, will grudgingly let you peer through their telescopes in this once-a-year celestial extravaganza!  Eye contact not included.

Sweat-Lodge Lite

Using native song, story and ritual gleaned through minutes of study, naturalist Emily Lillywight leads you in a hands-on workshop that promises to alienate almost everyone!


  1. Genevieve Goggin

    Hilarious! The first one definitely sounds familiar. Sign me up!

  2. Silva Johansson

    Oh. My. Stars. Brilliant! Gack.
    I have been on the receiving end of all of these programs at some point.
    And, to be fair, I have also inflicted a few of them on my poor audiences as well. There’s nothing like getting a comment card that describes your program as “…ritual humiliation…” to get you doing some interpretive soul-searching.

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