abu dhabi louvre courtyard

The Louvre Abu Dhabi: A Review

I found myself in Abu Dhabi, UAE in January— the starting point of a contract I was doing. The place is fascinating, in all kinds of ways. I can’t give the city itself a sterling recommendation—there are more interesting places you could support with your tourist dollars, frankly. Maybe some places that don’t still do flogging and stoning, say. But I can tell you that […]

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Busy in Berlin

I have just spent a luxurious eight days in Berlin, in a bright and modern little apartment on Grosse Hamburgerstrasse. Not long ago, I wrote of my first trip to this remarkable town. It was 1988, the year before the wall came down, and I was thunderstruck by both the raw creative power of West Berlin, and the stark quotidian realities of the East. For this […]

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Pants by Bluffworks.

These Pants by Bluffworks Kick Ass.

A Review: Bluffworks don’t wrinkle, they don’t rip and they don’t stink after one day’s wear. Take that, Unnamed Company That Rhymes With Tockers. Every once in a while, I like to check out Kickstarter.com. As you probably know, it’s a site where you can invest in up-and-coming products by promising entrepreneurs. There’s some really exciting stuff there (and some truly weak ideas), but one […]

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