Dublin: Unpretentious and Magical

Dublin, the capital of the Irish Republic, is not a big city. I don’t know why I thought it would be, but it has about four hundred thousand people. Dublin, in fact, was nothing like I expected. It isn’t grand; it isn’t fabulous; it isn’t stately nor venerable nor regal. Dublin, I have to say, met none of my expectations… but it somehow exceeded them […]

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Ruined chapel, Carrigafoyle

On The Trail of the Enrights

My family name, Enright, is Irish.  And this week I have been exploring the spectacular countryside of the Emerald Isle, in search of deceased ancestors and spectacular photo opportunities, not necessarily in that order. (We also spent several days in the wonderful city of Dublin, which I will attempt to chronicle in a future story.) The Enrights are ethnically Gaelic in origin. That might seem obvious, […]

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