Three Beautiful Boobies

Traveling by cruise ship is one of the best ways on earth to see some pretty cool wildlife. There’s a whole range of animals that you can only see at sea, and pelagic birds, in particular, are a real treat. Pelagic just means ocean-going; there’s a variety of birds that are practically never seen from land, unless you’re standing right on their breeding grounds. Albatrosses […]

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Meet The Piping Plover

This little charmer is way too cute to lose. Sometimes it’s hard to muster a lot of concern about endangered species. I know that’s not a nice thing to say. They are all important: each blade of grass, each jumping insect is part of an endlessly complex network of living things, and we humans who sit at the top of the food web depend on […]

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St. Kitts: The Frigatebird Whisperer

Frigatebirds are the unofficial mascot of every cruise ship in the Caribbean. But getting a good photo is harder than it looks. Being a birdwatcher, or a ‘birder’ as we call ourselves in a vain attempt to sound cool, is not for everyone. I recognize this. But when people tell me, emphatically, “I just CAN’T tell one kind from another! It’s too hard!” I have […]

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