Discovery Centre in Delta BC

I worked for over a year on this ambitious project: a discovery centre for the City of Delta, BC on the theme of identity and change. My role was interpretive planner and writer, working with the city’s own curatorial team and contracted designers from DoubleDare, EDM Design, Holman Exhibits, and others.

I’m well pleased with how it turned out. Not only did we create artifact-based exhibits and physical interactives, but we managed to squeeze in a heritage orchard, a delta-building (geomorphology) wet table that really kicks ass, and we introduced a new digital interactive called TRAIL that allows visitors to take a custom digital treasure hunt through the exhibit. TRAIl is both smart (it knows who you are, where you’ve been, what you haven’t done yet, which stations are free and more) and highly customizable by the client site.

Anyway. Go see it.

Install in progress. Photo: Melanie Greenaway
River table in action. Photo: Darran Edmundson
Install in progress. Photo: Melanie Greenaway
TRAIL. Photo: Don Enright

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