Batoche National Historic Site

Project: Batoche Interpretive Sign Renewal

Timeline: January 2021-March 2021

Project Goals

  • Foster a holistic understanding of Métis history, Métis community, and Métis language, arts, and culture, 
  • Shift the interpretive narrative from a focus on the Resistance of 1885 to a broader and more well-rounded story, with 1885 as a chapter within that story. 
  • Continue to commemorate the Resistance of 1885 and the Battle of Batoche through their tangible evidence on site, within the broader thematic narrative. 
  • Facilitate a positive visitor experience through accessible, enjoyable, attractive interpretive signs. 
  • Continue to foster trust and shared accomplishment between Parks Canada and the Indigenous community through collaboration.

Together with Métis partners, we produced a new interpretive plan that shifts focus away from a colonist-centred view of the 1885 Resistance and toward the idea of Batoche as Métis Home. The new approach and new interpretive plan, and the process to get there, met with approval and positive feedback from the partner community, and the Site now has a complete interpretive sign strategy, with themes, outlines, and locations for over 40 signs that they are able to use for further fundraising.

The interpretive planning process was completed in under three months. Parks Canada facilitated and coordinated partner interviews, with prominent Métis people and organizations including local artists, politicians, academics, Métis Nation Local 51 and the Gabriel Dumont Institute. We conducted about 23 hours of stakeholder interviews to identify a new way of approaching non-personal interpretation at the site. 

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