Blue morning glory

Walking Buenos Aires: Beautiful Birds and Barrios

Nature and culture in one of South America’s great cities, Buenos Aires I am a very enthusiastic walker. I take tremendous joy in getting around at my own speed, under my own power, on my own terms. And I consider myself doubly blessed to have found someone to share my travels with, who shares not only my passion for perambulation, but my lengthy inseam, too. We […]

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The streets of Montevideo

The Streets of Montevideo

Montevideo was recently recognized as having the best quality of life in all of Latin America. It seems that everyone nowadays needs a bucket list, that public register of Things You Must Accomplish before you join the choir invisible. I suppose it’s a nice idea—none of us is getting any younger, and it’s good to remember that all the things we dream of doing aren’t […]

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The Penguins of Chile

This is home to Magellanic penguins- they’re Patagonian specialists, and Chile and Argentina have hundreds of thousands of birds. Looking back on my childhood, I think it’s safe to say that my world view was overly influenced by cartoons. I suppose that’s true of any child of the 1970s, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized that some of my impressions of faraway places […]

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Cartagena: Colombia’s Caribbean Jewel

Imagine Sir Frances Drake and his cannons bearing down on you, his sights set on the fabulous treasures hidden within the storied walls of Old Cartagena. Old Cartagena is a time capsule. Walk through its massive weathered gates and suddenly you’re a Jesuit missionary, an English pirate, a Spanish nobleman’s wife, a colonial tradesman. A visit here is a journey into the 17th century, when the […]

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