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New Orleans: Once More With Five Feelings

Editor’s note: I’m thrilled to host this new post by my friend and colleague, Doug Heaney  The Top 5 Feelings You’ll Have in New Orleans by Doug Heaney Recently, my partner and I found ourselves in New Orleans to catch a cruise down to the Western Caribbean. And as much as we enjoyed the cruise part of the trip, the time we tacked on pre- and […]

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Near Oranjestad, Aruba

Aruba: Getting Around Is Half The Fun

Aruba is not like the rest of the Caribbean. One of the great things about traveling by cruise ship is that you can team up with as many people as you like to explore the ports… or you can say goodbye at the gangway and head out all by yourselves. Arriving at the beautiful harbour of Oranjestad, Aruba, we decided that it was time for […]

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St. Kitts: The Frigatebird Whisperer

Frigatebirds are the unofficial mascot of every cruise ship in the Caribbean. But getting a good photo is harder than it looks. Being a birdwatcher, or a ‘birder’ as we call ourselves in a vain attempt to sound cool, is not for everyone. I recognize this. But when people tell me, emphatically, “I just CAN’T tell one kind from another! It’s too hard!” I have […]

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Slumming with Sloths in Costa Rica

Almost everything you do on the ground, sloths do in the trees, upside-down and in slow motion. They’re the Ginger Rogers of the animal kingdom. I’m staring straight at it, and I can’t see a thing. I’m standing in the sweltering, sticky afternoon air of Costa Rica’s Atlantic rain forest, squinting, craning my neck, shifting sideways… and I see nothing but leaves. Yet my young […]

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The Ruins of Dominica- A Photographer’s Field Day

How quickly Mother Nature reclaims her own here in Dominica. A few years ago I had the privilege of traveling the Caribbean as the naturalist/presenter aboard the exquisite Azamara Quest. The Quest is a smaller vessel, as cruise ships go, and visits lesser-frequented ports of call. Thus we made our way to Cabrits, on the tiny Caribbean island-nation of Dominica (pronounced Dom-in-EE-ca). (Don’t confuse it […]

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Cartagena: Colombia’s Caribbean Jewel

Imagine Sir Frances Drake and his cannons bearing down on you, his sights set on the fabulous treasures hidden within the storied walls of Old Cartagena. Old Cartagena is a time capsule. Walk through its massive weathered gates and suddenly you’re a Jesuit missionary, an English pirate, a Spanish nobleman’s wife, a colonial tradesman. A visit here is a journey into the 17th century, when the […]

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