Harlequin ducks

I’m on Miss 604: The Harlequin Ducks of Stanley Park

I had an opportunity this week to submit an article to Miss604.com, on behalf of Stanley Park Ecology Society. It’s always a pleasure to volunteer for SPES, and it’s exciting to appear on Rebecca’s (Miss604) blog; she has a huge following. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link: The Harlequin Ducks of Stanley Park  

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Woman in Manila

2015: A Year In Photographs

2015 was a cornucopia of photographic opportunities. I visited places I never thought I’d see (Myanmar, Mumbai) and revisited places I’ll never tire of photographing (Stanley Park.) I hope you enjoy a sampling of my favourite shots of 2015. Happy new year, everyone.  

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Poster, Stanley Park Ecology Society AGM

Graphic Design: Promoting Active Vancouver

I have been a nature photographer for a long time. Transferring some of those skills over to graphic design is a relatively new exercise for me. I don’t think of myself as a graphic designer—in my job I have the privilege of working with some very good ones—but when you work in the non-profit world, you find yourself using all the skills you have. The organization […]

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fancy dressed man walking

Manila Street Scenes

Manila has proven to be one of the most interesting places I’ve had the privilege of photographing. I have already written about the historic Intramuros district and the outgoing (and photogenic) people who live and work there. We had another chance to walk within Manila’s old walls and photograph its people. I hope you enjoy these photographs.  

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Streets of Saigon

… if you don’t like their driving, you can stay off the sidewalk. Traveling by ship is an endlessly luxurious way of getting around, but one of its few drawbacks, especially here in Asia, is that the cruise ship ports can be an awfully long way from the action. This week, for our visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, it was close to two hours’ drive, […]

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A Year In Photographs

It has been a very good year. From wandering the moody shorelines of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, to cruising Norway’s fjords, touring Berlin and Prague, and exploring Australia and the South Pacific, I can say that I have covered more kilometres this year than ever before. Here are my favourite images from this year. These first two were featured in my post, A Foggy Sunday Morning […]

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Three Beautiful Boobies

Traveling by cruise ship is one of the best ways on earth to see some pretty cool wildlife. There’s a whole range of animals that you can only see at sea, and pelagic birds, in particular, are a real treat. Pelagic just means ocean-going; there’s a variety of birds that are practically never seen from land, unless you’re standing right on their breeding grounds. Albatrosses […]

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This is Luganville

Living in the present, with the rusting memories of World War II. (I’m pleased to present the photos of Tom Ediger here; I think these portraits are some of his finest work. I hope you enjoy them.) Greetings from Vanuatu, a string of exquisite tropical islands in the far southwest Pacific. You may not recognize the name; the isles were originally dubbed the New Hebrides […]

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Prague: Still Hip, Still Beautiful

… just not the way you expect it. Once upon a time, Prague was the hippest travel destination on the planet. It was the early 1990s, and the Eastern Bloc was reawakening. Kafka’s gorgeous city was coming to life, and any would-be Bohemian worth his salt was making his way there to be part of it. I recall my envy at hearing stories of young writers […]

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