crowd at pyramids

Quantifying Sparkle: Standards in Personal Programs

Defining Standards for Personal Interpretive Programs I’ve had the opportunity, over the last few years, to do a great deal of traveling. I’m up to 54 countries and counting now, though my time in each has been tantalizingly brief. And as I travel, I manage to attend quite a few interpretive programs. I think it’s interesting to see the different interpretive styles and standards out […]

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Oriental garden lizard

Sri Lanka: Nature In The City

When I see on my itinerary that I’ll be visiting a destination for one short day, I start to feel a bit of pressure to make the most of it. This week, I was to visit Colombo, Sri Lanka for my first time—my only taste of this storied island nation. What to do, what to do? As it turned out, my options were narrowed considerably […]

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Proofread twice, print once…

Bit of an interpretive whoopsie at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney. I really sympathize: if you draft or design interpretive panels for a living, sooner or later you’ll send something to the print shop with a big old mistake in it. Always, always, always have somebody else proofread your work. sentence (ˈsɛnt(ə)ns) a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and […]

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man looking at camera, mumbai

Mumbai: Just Go!

The city of Mumbai, India has a bit of a public relations problem. Tell anyone you’re going to the former Bombay and their eyes widen. “Are you sure? Are you ready?” they ask, as if you were about to venture into the rainforests of Borneo unprepared. Mumbai has a certain reputation, and it’s not entirely deserved. The traffic is legendary, as are the crowds. Yes, […]

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fishing nets, Kochi India

Discovering Kochi

Welcome to Kochi, jewel of southern India and my gateway to this strange and sultry nation. Everything is a bit different when you’re traveling by yourself, and I’m currently going solo. My partner Tom went home a little early when it was looking like our visas had fallen through and we wouldn’t be able to disembark in India. So walking alone out of the port […]

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girl at temple

Morning in Mangalore

It was 6:00 am and the temperature was 29C—and climbing—as we pulled into the smallish coastal city of Mangalore, India. I had been reading up on the city, planning my visit, and all indications were that this was a not-too-touristy working town, known for its spicy seafood and not much else. It sounded perfect to me: the seafood didn’t tempt me much (I’ve just gotten […]

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Woman merchant

How To Bargain While Travelling

Don’t Lose Your Shirt While Buying That Sweater Let me begin by saying that bargaining does not come easily to me. My personality is two parts softie for every part hard-nosed negotiator. But I have traveled the four corners of this world, and I have done business with some of the most skilled merchants on the planet (hello, North Africa) and come away with some […]

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fancy dressed man walking

Manila Street Scenes

Manila has proven to be one of the most interesting places I’ve had the privilege of photographing. I have already written about the historic Intramuros district and the outgoing (and photogenic) people who live and work there. We had another chance to walk within Manila’s old walls and photograph its people. I hope you enjoy these photographs.  

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dude flaked out on bikes

Feeling The Heat in Vietnam

To walk through Saigon is to feel large, white and sodden. In the months to come, when I look back on this once-in-a-lifetime Asian adventure, I’m going to kick myself. I’m doing it already: “Why aren’t you getting more done? Why aren’t you seeing more? You’ll never be back here again.” I’m one of those travellers who likes to cover a lot of ground. In […]

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dendrobium orchid

Singapore: Orchid Heaven

Singapore’s National Botanic Garden: An Orgy of Orchids I’m smitten with orchids. I’m not really sure why; I suspect it’s simply their exotic beauty, though my friend Dave insists that their sensual curves and lips appeal to the repressed heterosexual in me. Whatever the cause, I caught orchid fever about fifteen or twenty years ago, and have been growing them ever since. You might be […]

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