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How To Bargain While Travelling

Don’t Lose Your Shirt While Buying That Sweater Let me begin by saying that bargaining does not come easily to me. My personality is two parts softie for every part hard-nosed negotiator. But I have traveled the four corners of this world, and I have done business with some of the most skilled merchants on the planet (hello, North Africa) and come away with some […]

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Manila Street Scenes

Manila has proven to be one of the most interesting places I’ve had the privilege of photographing. I have already written about the historic Intramuros district and the outgoing (and photogenic) people who live and work there. We had another chance to walk within Manila’s old walls and photograph its people. I hope you enjoy these photographs.  

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dude flaked out on bikes

Feeling The Heat in Vietnam

To walk through Saigon is to feel large, white and sodden. In the months to come, when I look back on this once-in-a-lifetime Asian adventure, I’m going to kick myself. I’m doing it already: “Why aren’t you getting more done? Why aren’t you seeing more? You’ll never be back here again.” I’m one of those travellers who likes to cover a lot of ground. In […]

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dendrobium orchid

Singapore: Orchid Heaven

Singapore’s National Botanic Garden: An Orgy of Orchids I’m smitten with orchids. I’m not really sure why; I suspect it’s simply their exotic beauty, though my friend Dave insists that their sensual curves and lips appeal to the repressed heterosexual in me. Whatever the cause, I caught orchid fever about fifteen or twenty years ago, and have been growing them ever since. You might be […]

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bee eater.

Lush, Lovely Langkawi

Backroads, sloughs and mudflats make for one happy naturalist. This week, I left the bustling, chaotic cities of Asia behind, and wandered through sloughs, alleys, back roads, mud flats and farms on the lush green island of Langkawi, Malaysia. It was a most welcome change. I’m finding the rich cityscapes of Asia absolutely fascinating, and just as exhausting. Whether it be the ultra-rich, ultramodern Singapore or Kuala […]

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Sunrise Over Yangon

“This is Burma. It is quite unlike any place you know about.” -Rudyard Kipling I never in my life imagined I’d be visiting Burma, or Myanmar as it is now known. Yet here I am, bouncing along a narrow, rough country road toward Yangon (Rangoon, as Mr. Kipling would have known it.) Men in traditional longyis, sarong-like skirts, zoom past on motorcycles with wives and […]

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Intramuros: Inside Manila’s Walls

Arriving in the Philippines this week was quite an experience. A huge number of the ship’s crew are Filipino, and as we pulled into the port of Manila there were traditional dancers, a marching band, and hundreds of family and friends of the crew waiting to reunite after many months apart. It was really quite moving to see, and the excitement among the crew was […]

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Streets of Saigon

… if you don’t like their driving, you can stay off the sidewalk. Traveling by ship is an endlessly luxurious way of getting around, but one of its few drawbacks, especially here in Asia, is that the cruise ship ports can be an awfully long way from the action. This week, for our visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, it was close to two hours’ drive, […]

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The Cheeky Monkeys of Bali

Behind that adorable exterior lie some potentially nasty surprises. This week, I left beautiful Australia behind and began my journey to southeast Asia. Our first port of call in the exotic East was Bali, and it was everything I imagined it might be. What a creative, expressive people the Balinese are. On every street corner is a sculpture, a shrine, a temple. Everything—every available square inch—is […]

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A Night In The Rainforest

Last night, I slept in a treehouse in the middle of the rainforest. It was pretty incredible. We were docked in Cairns, Australia and we had a rare night on shore. Having already explored the city and its environs a bit, we decided to head further afield. We rented a car and booked a place that looked intriguing on AirBnB.com. On the website, it looked […]

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